Anonymous asked:
did you delete every thing from your old blog to just do fashion?

I still have my personal blog if that’s what you mean, I just changed the username.

sweetbrutalgore asked:
Wow you're amazingly attractive 😊

Thank you 😁😁

thespacepolice asked:
Scrolling through the fatshion tag and I noticed you're at CASOLAS!! haha how awesome

Haha yup! That was actually my first time there and I’ll definitely be back!

takeruvmaeda asked:
Nikko, bruv, love the photoset of yourself with the pattern shirt and those rockin denims and shoes. Question, what's your height and did you get those denims hemmed or tailored/altered in any way? I have stocky legs and I tend to have to get my denims hemmed even if they fit perfectly elsewhere. Do you share my pain, bruv? lol

I appreciate the love! I usually do share your pain but lucked out with those jeans. I find Nautica’s tailored cuts to be perfect for me! I’m 6’0 and 290 lbs, so everything about me is stocky too lol.

But give the Tailored cut denims from Nautica a try. Maybe they’ll work out as well for you as they did for me.





Such an essential part of any outfit, both casual and formal. Whether it holds sentimental value or you wear it because you like it, accessories accent every ensemble. I don’t believe that there is a correct way to accessorize, it’s simply a matter of preference. We always see those guys that wear bracelets half way up their forearm, while other guys wear little to none. I tend to keep it a bit simple with 1-3 bracelets on the regular. The more formal the occasion, the less I’ll wear, and again, that’s just my personal preference.  But there is one accessory that I refuse to leave the house without, and that’s my time piece.

The watch is such an important part of any man’s wardrobe and should be a major focus when choosing your outfits every day. It just really seems to pull the whole outfit together. I have a decent amount of watches but only a couple that I consider for everyday use. These are usually watches that were a bit cheaper and wouldn’t be upset about a scratch here and there, such as my Timex. I’m definitely a bargain shopper and ended up picking this one up for $18.99.

Watches to me aren’t always worth breaking the bank for, I have my times that I spoil myself but prefer to splurge on my shoes (but that’s for another day). As I mentioned earlier, accessories are mostly about your preference. If you like to wear 3 gold chains with a watch and five bracelets, then more power to you! The only thing I believe is that every man should own and wear a watch for every occasion. With that being said, as long as you match your metals and leathers, enjoy your freedom to accessorize. Until next time my friends!

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First of all, let me start by saying that I’m no model. But my girlfriend following me everywhere with a camera sure makes me feel like one. She has enjoyed making me feel a tad uncomfortable and the center of attention following me around church today with her camera.

Whenever I’m at church, I see that one guy and think to myself “Why would you wear that here?” But I also understand that it’s 2014 and everything considered appropriate has changed drastically. I’m a firm believer in dressing to impress at church. But down here in Miami, a suit isn’t usually my go-to outfit unless it’s a special event.

For us big guys, it always seems to boil down to comfort. “Can I wear this all day and not want to rip it off?” is usually what constantly plays in my mind when dressing for church because I tend to make plans after and spend the whole day out. So I try to focus on being comfortable as well as dressing appropriate enough for church but casual enough for lunch with family or whatever our plans may be.

Many big men have this misconception about patterned shirts such as the floral print I’m wearing. Although there are a few things we can’t wear the way slimmer guys can, this isn’t one of them. The shirts tend to be much more laid back and fun. So what, us big boys can’t have fun anymore? So go ahead and rock your floral print or that shirt covered in kitty cats and cheeseburgers and be confident while you do.

As big men, we already have a dominant presence so when drawing so much attention, let’s make sure it’s the best kind. Also, that’s the sister in law helping me feel less awkward when my lady asked me to hold my pose. Hope you all have a great week! Be Blessed my friends!

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Going out for a quick bite to eat or to just hang out with a couple friends means you want to dress a bit more comfortable, but it shouldn’t be an excuse to dress down so much. Most guys tend to reach for loose t-shirts and baggy shorts or pants when trying to be comfortable. But as big men, there is a stereotype of being lazy and sloppy. Wearing baggy clothes only makes us fit the stereotype even more. So unfortunately, we have to work a bit harder to be comfortable without fitting the role given to us.

This is one of my go-to outfits when it comes to comfort. It’s simple and can be put together with almost any color scheme. Every closet should have a pair of khaki shorts and navy shorts for that reason alone. Match the shorts with a comfortable button down or polo and done! You’re just as comfortable as the rest of your group but you look a whole lot better. And if you’re an accessories kind of guy, don’t be afraid to add a few. I tend to keep it a bit more simple with a watch and one bracelet.

So next time you go grab a slice with some friends, make sure you’re comfortable enough to relax but good enough to impress.

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Hello world! I’m going to jump right in and explain why this blog exists. I’m a big man that enjoys men’s fashion. Most of the time when I see plus size men’s fashion, it consists of men that are still smaller than me. I’m 6’0 and 285 lbs of man! It can be a bit more difficult to find nice clothes that fit well for a guy my size without having to take a trip to the tailor after every purchase. So with the help of my lovely girlfriend, I will try to share with you all of my fashion findings! This whole thing is really new to me but I’m excited and look forward to sharing this is with you all!


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